HODDER Portfolio Page: 

THIS WAS THE END (Performance) 2014/2018 and ARCHIVE 2019 (Installation inspired by the performance).   Created and directed in collaborations with video designer Keith Skretch, sound designer /performer G Lucas Crane, interaction designer Ryan Holsopple and performers Black-Eyed Susan, Paul Zimet, Ray C Wright and Jim Himelsbach. TWTE was filmed at the 2018 remount at Mabou Mines. ARCHIVE was filmed at CultureHub 2019. The clip shows a scene from the live production and how it is rendered and captured in the installation which archives the architecture and performances of THIS WAS THE END, which tackles how time and memory construct our notion of aging. Please watch full video (cue point: 0:00-3:58)

THE ECHO DRIFT (opera)  2018. Directed in collaboration with composer by Mika Karlsson and librettists Kathryn Walat and Elle Kunnos De Voss and performers Blythe Gaissetrt and John Kelly. Filmed at the Prototype Festival, Baruch Performeing Art Center. The excerpt shows the moment when the language and time of incarceration unravels. THE ECHO DRIFT explores the freewheeling nature of the mind when it is robbed of external stimuli and questions, when in extreme circumstances, is it possible to go against one’s nature?
(cue point: 6:26-8:28)

CIRCLING THE CENTER (performance installation)  2016. Directed in collaborations with visual artist Nene Humphrey, video designer Simon Harding and sound and video designer Roberto Lange and performers Anthea White, Capucine Gros, Carrie Erving, Chris Loxley, Karen Waltuch, and Karlie Bruce. Filmed at 3LD. This excerpt opens of the performance and introduces the time and language of mourning in CIRCLING THE CENTER, a story of making something beautiful out of grief—told via a visceral fusion of neuroscience, visual arts, music, and the 19th century communal craft of Victorian mourning braiding.
 (cue point: 1:25-3:30)

DREAD SCOTT: Decision (performance installation) 2012 Directed in collaboration with visual artist/performer Dread Scott and performers Clifford Owens, Lawrence Graham-Brown, Wilmer Wilson IV and “Roc” Belizaire. Filmed at the BAM Fischer, Next Wave Festival.  This shows moments in the chronology of a durational installation about the damaging effects of judicial language in DREAD SCOTT: DECISION, a performance that reflects on a country whose democracy is rooted in slavery. 
(cue point: 0:00-2:00) 2012 pw:mallorycatlett