Paradise is not rest, but restlessness. - Helene Cixous

Restless excavates the theatrical and literary record as a source for contemporary performance - to engage the past in a dialogue about its life in the present. Founder and director Mallory Catlett brings a disruptive energy to the “canon” and finds inspiration in experimental literature to challenge theatrical convention and expand what the theater can contain. The dismantling and re-purposing of stories that have already been told is a practice in transformation; an attempt to create openings, to find a way out, and forward.

According to Sufism those who are on guard and in love find no rest.This restlessness produces energy for further contemplation and searching of  the mind to prepare the psyche for the appearance of the real self.

Institutional Support

The NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre by the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment in association with The New York Foundation for the Arts, Pioneer Works, Watermill Center, Nancy Quinn Fund, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T/New York), Chocolate Factory, Creative Capital, Creative Opportunity Fund A.R.T./NY, Mount Tremper Arts, Theatre Conspiracy, Playwrights Center, CultureHub/La Mama, Gibney Dance, MacDowell, Performing Garage, Barishnykov Arts Center, Chashama, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Mabou Mines/SUITE, Collapsable Hole, Foundation for the Contemporary Arts, Jerome Foundation, Yaddo, NYSCA, Collectuve Fund and piece by piece productions.

Private Donors

Janet Clancy, Paul Lazaar, Toni & Pete Peters, Jill Mueller, Charles Weishar, Francis & Ray Fox, Joan Smith, Cynthia Strickland Graham, Elizabeth Shellabarger, Janet & Chuck Williams, Studio Allegro, Susan & Bill Catlett, Toni Catlett, Emily & Steve Plesser, Kristina Musser, Elaine & Richard Ottaway, Sue Joffray, Elizabeth & Bill Bayne, Suzanne & George Harris,Jill & Mick Nightengale, Jubilith Moore, DD Kugler, Geoff Proehl, David Nochimson, Jan Marie Miliani, Lisa Nelson, Anna Rabinowitz, Aaron Landsman, Aaron Siegel, Abby Mueller, Alexandra Rosenberg, Alexis Clements, Alison Fleminger, Amy Jensen, Andrew Mueller, Andrew Weems, Anna Ishida, Anna Kohler, Annie Dorsen, Anonymous, Antje Oegel, April Matthis, artepovera, Ashton Applewhite, Aya Ogawa, Ayn Hanna, Barbara Lee, Ben Williams, Bertie Ferdman, Birgit Huppuch, Boo Froebel, Brad Rothbart, Bruce Allardice & Victoria Abrash, Carissa Adams & Emily Catlett, Carleigh Welsh, Caroline Chavasse, Carrie Schneider, Charles Jarden, Christina Campanella, Christina Hatherly, Christopher Barnett, Claire French/ Restless Productions (YVR), Daniel Brunson, David A. Brown, David Cote, David Herskovits, David Malloy, David Nochimson, David Suehsdorf, Deborah Zlotsky, Denise Kiernan, Diane Borger Zampi, Dina Emerson, Dodds Delzell, Dorrie Williams, Dylan Baker, Ed Hicks, Edward McKeaney, Edward Prunoske, Elizabeth Johnson, Elizabeth Seamans, Eric Cadora, Eric Dyer, Eric Steinberg, Erin Palmer, Francesco DeBaggio, Frank Hentschker, Gary Winter, George Hofheimer, Gioia Fonda, Gordon Wang, Grant Neale, Gwenessa Lam, Heather Hollingsworth, Heather Mourer, Helene Lesterlin, Hillary Gardner, Hunter Canning, Ian Belton, Ilana Brownstein, Jacob Margolin, James Findlay, James Maxwell / Restless Productions (YVR), Janet D Clancy, Janet Williams, Jean Churchill, Jeanette Yew, Jeanne Drennan, Jennifer Gibbs, Jenny Schwartz, Jessie Mueller, Joanna P. Adler, Joe Lo Truglio, Joe Stackell, John Haskell, John Jesurun, John Lutterbie, Jon Lane, Jonathan Dembrow, Joseph Silovsky, Joshua Higgason, Julian Mesri, Julie Archer, June & Gregory Crane, Kate Benson, Kate Scelsa, Katie Pearl, Kay Grigar, Kelli Powell, Kevin Laibson, Kim Weild, Kim Whitener, KJ Sanchez, Kristin Marting, Kristina Gitterman, Laryssa Husiak, Laura Quigley, Laura Tietjen, Leah Nanako Winkler, LeeAnne Hutchison, Libby King, Lida Nosrati, Lisa D’Amour, Liv Cummins, Liza Lorwin, Loren Toolajian, Madeleine Oldham, Maedhbh Fiona Mc Cullagh, Marion Holt, Martha and Richard Nochimson, Martha Steketee, Mary Q Archias, Matthew Maguire, Maury Landsman, Michael Barakiva, Mike Perillo, Mirit Tal, Mitchell Riggs, Moira Brennan, Nicholas Senn, Nichole Gantshar, Nick Benacerraf, Oliver Butler, Olivia Keister, Paul Walsh, Paul Zimet, Philippa Wehle, Polly Carl, Rachel Catlett, Rachel Chavkin, Rachelle Plante, Randy Perry, Rebecca Warner, Richard Maxwell, Rina Liddle, Rupert Nesbitt, Sallie Sanders, Sandra Bumgarner, Sarah Caldwell, Sarah Cameron Sunde, Satya Bhabha, Scott Shepherd, Scott Sowers, Scott Sparvero, Shannon Harris, Sixto Wagan, Stephanie Fleischmann, Susan Bernfield, Sylvan Oswald, Tal Yarden, Tanya Marquardt, TaraFawn Marek, Tarik O’Regan, Teddy Nicholas, Teresa Connors, Thomas Crochunis, Thomas Parnell, Timothy Carlson, Tom Shragg, Tony Torn, Trish Mulholland, Vallejo Gantner, Will Bond, William Cusick, Yelena Gluzman.

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